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Timeless Magic

Unlikely Romance

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This community was created for sole purpose of spreading the love for the fans of Kaleido Star; or more specifically, for those who think that Sora and Leon go really well together.

As a couple, friends, companions...you name it, we have it. ♥

Whether you've noticed the almost palpable tension between them, stared at the almost kiss scene in EP 50 or thought that Sora could become Leon's pillar of support and heal his heart after Sophie's death, this is definitely the place for you and we encourage you to bring on the wonderful stories, icons, fanmxies and whatnot here! *cheer*

To further prod you to be productive, we have developed three theme tables for your writing enjoyment! They're simple challenges and the word limit packed it's bags and moved away...which means that you can drabble them or write long one shots or sagas. It's really up to your muses here.

Your challenges lie under this nifty cut!

For every table completed - whether you've chosen the 1st or the 3rd (the latter is easier and less time consuming) - you shall receive a shiny banner, a place in the Hall of Fame and our eternal gratitude for keeping this community alive. ^^;


1. Flames will not be tolerated within this community. We understand that everyone has their own opinion and we respect that. However flames are definitely not permitted, but constructive criticism is welcomed and even appreciated.

2. When it comes to stories, we accept every conceivable genre and rating out there. We only ask that that the pairing is Sora/Leon and that you put up warnings for mature content. Keep in mind, there might be some children viewing this community as well. The same goes for fanart.

3. No plagiarism or stealing from other members in this community. Anyone caught doing so will no longer be welcomed in this community. Ever.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact royalbk and I ( ensnaredsinner ). We're a friendly pair that is here to help. So don't be shy to contact us.

Feel free to take one of these banners and show your support.

We would appreciate it a lot.

Sora/Leon is Tender Love
By: ashley88

link, link, link.

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